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Spring 2020 Market Update
If you can qualify, now is an exceptional time to buy a home in Bullhead City. Low rates with good home prices makes a home purchase a great value! Call now for more information at 928-727-1607 or email to:
Average Sold Home Price: $225,000

Average Time on Market: 10-30 days

Best Selling Price Range: $150,000 - $199,000

Existing Home Prices for the past 90 days: Increasing

Market Trend: No Change

Buyer's or Seller's Market: More buyers than sellers

Buyer Activity for the past 90 days: Increasing

Seller Activity for the past 90 days: No Change

Multiple Offers? Yes

What Percentage of the Current Housing Inventory are Foreclosures and/or Short Sales? 0-5%

Is Financing Available For Qualified Buyers? Yes

Housing Inventory: Limited Supply

Greatest Activity: Repeat Buyers

Best reason to buy or sell: Good economic news

Nearest Metro Area: Las Vegas

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Mortgage Rates for Apr 4th, 2020
30 year fixed rate: 4.51%
15 year fixed rate: 3.90%
30 year jumbo rate: 4.41%
15 year jumbo rate: 4.12%
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please check with Deedee Schwab for current Bullhead City, AZ market conditions before acting on this information.)
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